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I am sick

Sick. I am “under the weather” for about 3 days now. One of the difficult thing to do now is to catch up with my son. I feel weak and don’t have his mobility and energy.

He wanted to play and I can barely move. He needs a horse, that is me, to ride on. I made a pile of pillows but he wont ride it. He wanted my aching back.

When i try to close my eyes and nap a bit, he will squish it open.

This is gonna be a tough, surely, and it is gonna be a long, long day.



You say “CHI-CHI” when something is itchy. If it is itchy you will surely complain about it, I, of course, will hurriedly get the Calendula or just a baby powder and help you with it.

I am quite amazed how your itchiness magically disappear. If a part of me is itchy, no matter how i dab ointments and spray alcohol it remained itchy. But in your case, just a few dash of powder can do the trick and you will say, “NO MO’ CHI-CHI!”

Family Life

We all know how to define family but when it comes to “living it” we twist the definition for the sake convenience.

I believe, family is not just a relationship of a husband and wife, between siblings, and parents and children. It is not composed of several independent relationships.

We sliced our definition of family into several parts so it will be easy for us to deal with it. Ex: if you hate a part of it, may it be the parent or a sister, we can easily SNIP and get RID of it. It is how we deal with (for example) home fixtures, if we are not happy about something, we just replace it with something that we like. We separate each relationship into small boxes.

But the truth is, a family does not and should not work that way. One action towards a family member will affect the others.

Ex: if you made a son happy, it should make the mum or dad happy too. Every relationship within the family is interrelated. If you hate one (wife, mum, sister etc) this would have an effect on the other members. If a son would see his dad womanizing, in reality, it is not an act against JUST on the mum but on the son and the whole family as well. We should not deal with it (as we commonly do today) separately and independently but in one total piece–just one nice (or bad ) relationship bundled together.

Just like with burgers. You cannot call it good hamburgers if the bread is stale or the tomato is rotten. In order for that to be delicious, the burger, tomato, bread etc. must be great. A family is like that, how we all define it must be how it should be.


Every toddler are expected to be messy and you, like everyone else, is not expected to be neat, as you have no concept of proper order yet.

But the wonderful thing you do is, when you cooperate if you see me pick up your toys. Sometimes, I ask you to clean and you joyfully help out and call it KLEAM.

You got the cleaning part fine but the next thing you need to know is how to stay and keep it clean. Because after helping out to pick your stuff you will scatter it again only after just a couple of minutes.

I am still happy and proud that you know how to help out and you know how important it is to be KLEAM.

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