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Other than its newly discovered health benefits (coffee is now considered as a “health” drink) drinking coffee is one of the nicest I enjoy lately. May it be in Starbucks, or other coffee shops, or just at home.

Since I becoming a father, coffee have been my refuge when I want to slow things down. Fatherhood is a fast-paced and a tense job. You should be always on guard because your toddler might suddenly decide to squeeze his fingers in the wall socket, spray alcohol to his eyes, lick his boots etc. From time to time, he will be needing his diaper checked and changed, he wants milk prepared, hands cleaned etc. It is like a roller coaster, except, this ride is just going down.

Coffee is a chance to run away, for 10-15 minutes, from the responsibility of fatherhood. It can stash me away in a corner and get to enjoy the “coffee moment”. I can relax, prop my legs to a chair, and stretch without any fear of some little man trying to break his neck by doing a headstand.


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One thought on “Coffee

  1. I told myself a long time ago, that as long as I can afford it, I’m gonna get my DD everyday!

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