everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along

Remote Control

I was once the ruler of TV’s Remote Control. For a long time it was my Septer. If there something I ruled over in life, that would be the Vacuum Cleaner, Coffee Press, Soap Dish and the RC.

I am not TV’s biggest fan, in fact I prefer sleeping, but I want to once in a while get a chance to watch some news, documentary and sports shows at the comfort of our bedroom ( the other Tv is in the attic and it is not near a comfy chair).

But when that day you started to enjoy the Cartoon Network and watch the colorful talking yellow sponge, I started to lose grip over the bedroom TV. I considered it as my kingdom losing a small territory and learned to accept as it is.

Goodnews is, I still have my other loyal subject—the Soapdish and I think it will be quite a while, or maybe never, before I lose that to you.


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