everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along

Doctor is in.

We thought it was just a typical weekday morning. Everything started as normal but after about an hour it happened… You vomited violently. The sight was painful, you were hugging your mum while milk jets out of your tiny stomach. You cried, mum panicked a bit, and I am very worried.

We brought you to the Hospital immediately and we were told that there is nothing to worry about as it just a case of “gastro” something. The vomiting was due to the stomach’s reaction from expanding when you ingest something (like your milk). We were told that LBM will be expected and food intake should be limited. The doctor expect you to be well in 3-7 days.

Having a sick toddler is tough for parents. We hoped that you will always be well for the rest of your life but, in reality, sickness is a sad part no matter how hard we try to run away from it.


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