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Father’s day

It seems someone who blogs about fatherhood would be celebrating a great father’s day, right?. But, due to “circumstances” I ain’t–not this year.

I feel crappy today and only had a few hours of sleep, feel bloated, bouts with colds, bad hair day, and it is just not a “celebratory” kind of day.

If there is something not nice about “father’s day” it is the rabid attempts to commercialize it. It seems it is centered on buying and spending. You are not celebrating it if you have not bought or spent something for your dad.

Maybe, many years ago a group of store owners talked to each other and wondered what they are gonna do with their old stocks in their inventory. So, they thought of “father’s day sale”. Today, stores are selling old neon pants, about to expire potato chips, previous World Cup or Olympic t-shirts and souvenirs at the so-called “father’s day sale”.

For me the perfect father’s day is a simple greeting, a hug and be allowed to whatever we want for the rest of the day. We should be allowed to just sit around the house and watch TV while we drink beer and eat grilled Kielbasa or pork ribs or be left alone in the car garage with a car wax, rubbing compound or a small can of degreaser.


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