everyday with my son

Small stories of how it all went along

Tsunami of toys

You have a magical way of turning a clean room into a nuclear meltdown disaster area in just a couple of seconds.

I was just tinkering with the Ipad for less than a minute, I left you out of my sight and then when I looked back I saw that mess.

I am not angry and you are not expected to be neat. You are to be “you” a rowdy little boy.

And hey, maybe you have forgotten it but you still have not powdered everything with your milk?


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4 thoughts on “Tsunami of toys

  1. A while back, I thought my girls were old enough to be left alone in their room for five or ten minutes. It’s child proof; what’s the worst that could happen? They trashed the room, ripped off the wall paper trim in a few spots, and colored on the walls, curtains, bed, etc. with marker. Isn’t it amazing how fast they can destroy a room?

  2. i might be missing the point… and i’m definitely new to the world of children… but is that a training toilet in the center? is that one of the toys?… are kids playing with toilets now? i have so much to learn!

    • Hi, yes it is. I know it looks odd but I have not taught him how to use it yet. It is still unused and kinda clean. It is there so he will just get used to seeing it. Thanks!

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