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The one with BARNEY

We watched DVDs together. It is a merry go round of Barney, Mickey Mouse and Elmo’s world.

You used to like Hi-5 but for some reason lately, whenever I am just about to or attempted to get it you will make a very loud shrieking shouts to make me stop. Hi-5 is a nice australian kids show but, in fact, watching full grown men and women wearing animal costumes, jumping up and down, pretending to be pirates or magical wizard or fairies can be quite weird.

I bought you most of the Barney DVDs. It is a proud moment for me to go to the store and choose a DVD for you. It is also kinda sad because that is what i can only afford to get you, tiny DVDs of a purple Dinosaur. It cost me a few pesos but kinda tough ’cause I am kinda short of money lately.  But hey! you loved it… even more than the fancy Armani Clothes your mum got you.




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