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Maybe, some will think I am over-reacting but any parent will know that it is hard to leave a toddler for a couple of weeks to a trip overseas. Worries can fill your day—in fact, it filled most of my idle time in Sydney. The marvelous view of Sydney and the nice cool weather “down there” can temporarily stop my worries but when doing nothing or while eating or in between bites of TIM TAMS or Harry’s Meat Pie I am thinking what you might be doing back home.

I really wanted to bring you but the long trip and the bad, small “economy” seats of the airline will be very difficult for you.  I know you hate cramped spaces and will get bored easily after more than an hour in one place.

It is a very nice trip and it would be nicer if you are here…maybe someday. That is when I can afford to fly “business class” so you can be a little comfortable in your rowdy little ways.



*I will be leaving for Australia tomorrow evening and I am not happy. I will be leaving your for almost 2 weeks. It is going to be the longest time and the farthest I will be away from you. You might miss me? What if you do? What if something happened to you and I am “down under”? Some many worries bothers me, normally, a cup of coffee and a soft chair can sooth me…but not this time, not today.

*A late post.


I was downstairs vacuuming the car and you were on the balcony with your mum. You keep on calling “dada!” “dada!” and I keep on answering “Why?”  “Yes, Kenzo?” it is a barrage  of calling and answering that lasted for a few minutes. I didn’t get irritated (why should I?). I find it sweet and I know as you get older calling me would be lesser and lesser. You will learn to be  independent, you will solve your own problems and hurdle life on your own etc…

But That is getting way, way, way ahead.

For the meantime, I cherished the fact that—-  I AM DADA.

Baby’s milk

You played one of your favorite games with me, that is force feeding me your milk. I was looking at someplace and you just abruptly stab your baby bottle in my mouth. You have very strong hands ( I am not exaggerating) and it is too fast for me to parry it or move away.

It does not taste good and I wonder how you liked it so much. I wiped my mouth with wet tissues and then you started to laugh at me. It is an evil laugh of sorts. I find it funny and end up laughing with you.

I don’t like your milk and I prefer unhealthy beverages like Coke… and someday, like most, you will too discover the magic inside those soda cans.



The one with a PIGGYBACK

It is that night when we both discovered piggyback.

We are at Boni High Street and for us to move faster from the other end to the other side I have to carry you. The only problem is you are now big and heavy for a kilometer long walk. I got to find an easier way– and that is to piggyback.

I hauled you to my shoulders and held your thick small arms firmly. It is a great moment. I guess every dad cherished that first time he can piggyback his child on his shoulders. It is indeed a glorious moment and no doubt it is somewhere up there among the nice little things in life.

I even asked mum to take photos of us. I think we got about 9 photos in 3 angles and 4 locations.

In the future, you will want to piggyback more than my spine can handle. Today, I am happy and certainly wont forget your first time on piggyback.

The one with BARNEY

We watched DVDs together. It is a merry go round of Barney, Mickey Mouse and Elmo’s world.

You used to like Hi-5 but for some reason lately, whenever I am just about to or attempted to get it you will make a very loud shrieking shouts to make me stop. Hi-5 is a nice australian kids show but, in fact, watching full grown men and women wearing animal costumes, jumping up and down, pretending to be pirates or magical wizard or fairies can be quite weird.

I bought you most of the Barney DVDs. It is a proud moment for me to go to the store and choose a DVD for you. It is also kinda sad because that is what i can only afford to get you, tiny DVDs of a purple Dinosaur. It cost me a few pesos but kinda tough ’cause I am kinda short of money lately.  But hey! you loved it… even more than the fancy Armani Clothes your mum got you.




It rained pretty hard today (It is strange because it supposed to be summer). We are together and to make it exciting I opened the door to the balcony to watch the rain. I am sure it is not your first rain but it seems that way when I looked at your face. Your eyes, very intense and excited, are wide open watching the rainfall. After a few minutes you will leave but will come running back right away.

I sang “rain, rain, go away” and you ignored it. But of course, you do not know the song yet. I sang, you clapped. It is a great day and nice feeling that I am enjoying the rain with you.

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